Safety Rules

Please observe city policies and regulations while celebrating Halloween in Salem:

• DO NOT use a weapon as part of your costume – real OR FAKE. Police will confiscate anything that looks like a weapon.

• Additional security measures are in effect. Backpacks, carry bags, etc. are subject to inspection by police. It’s best to travel light.

• NO public consumption of alcohol is allowed at any time. From October 29 to November 1, the fines for illegal behavior – including public drinking, vandalism, and littering – are tripled – up to $300.

• Please be considerate of private property. Ample public restrooms are provided throughout the downtown area.

• The public Halloween celebration officially ends on Halloween Night at 10:30 PM after the fireworks. Attractions, restaurants and taverns will continue to operate but central downtown streets will be cleared of pedestrians and access to that area will be restricted.

Have a fun and safe time
during your visit to Salem!