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Transportation – Parking – Information

A sampling of Salem’s Historic and Spooky hightlights. Click on the icons and drag the map around to see more.

The City Of Salem urges visitors to use any of several available forms of public transportation during October. Many streets will be closed as necessary to accommodate crowds, and virtually all nearby neighborhood street parking will be restricted to residents. Download the Passport Parking App for use with on-street metered spaces, city lots and city garages. City garages also accept cash and credit cards. The Destination Salem app is also recommended for updates on parking availability, restrooms, and special events.

Parking is available at several city lots and two city garages, with some private lots also available. The MBTA Rail and Bus Station lot and garage are also available, but note that on October 31st this garage will be closed from 6pm to 11pm during which time cars may neither enter nor depart. The map below (and the city’s interactive parking map) indicate the locations of lots and garages. Also please consider using the popular October Weekend Shuttle Loop service which provides free satellite lot parking and free bus shuttle service to and from the downtown area. The map below shows lot locations and shuttle routes.

MBTA commuter rail and bus services are available to transport visitors to Salem station which is a short walk to the downtown activity area. If arriving at Logan Airport, visitors can access the MBTA subway service to Boston’s North Station and reach Salem via commuter rail. Buses to Salem are also available from Wonderland Station on the same subway line. Visitors may park at nearby rail stops north or south of Salem and arrive by train. The MBTA increases train service to Salem as necessary in October. Vistors can also utilize the ride sharing services Uber, Lyft and the Salem Skipper. The Salem Ferry is another pleasant way to arrive from Boston, departing from Boston’s Long Wharf and arriving at Blaney Street dock in Salem which is a short walk to the House of Seven Gables, Pickering Wharf and downtown.

Salem’s Parking Lots & Garage Locations

October Shuttle Loop Routes & Stops


City Policies and Regulations for Salem’s Halloween Celebration

• Do not use a weapon as part of your costume – real or fake. Police will confiscate anything that looks like a weapon.
• Additional security measures are in effect. Backpacks, carry bags, etc. are subject to inspection by police. It’s best to travel light.
• NO public consumption of alcohol is allowed at any time.
From October 29 to November 1, the fines for illegal behavior including public drinking, vandalism and littering are tripled – up to $300.
• Please be considerate of private property. Ample public restrooms are provided throughout the downtown area.
• The public Halloween celebration officially concludes on Halloween Night after the fireworks end.
Central downtown will then be cleared and access to this area may be restricted. Restaurants, taverns and attractions will continue to operate.
Have a fun and safe time during your visit to Salem!